What to expect in my fitness training sessions:

I incorporate strength training, yoga, respiratory training, meditative practices, joint mobility restoration, nutrition, speed, quickness & agility, visual & vestibular training, as well as, neural re-education into my programs.  Whether you want to lose weight, increase lean body mass, improve in your specific sport, or just walk up the stairs without getting winded, we can achieve that goal.

One on One Private Training

Private training sessions are designed based on your individual goals and history.  Each workout is customized to match what you need personally.  We will focus on your specific movement deficiencies, muscular imbalances, and compensation patterns.  In our first session we will go over your comprehensive health history form to come up a plan of action to meet all your goals.

Small Group

Small group sessions are just like the 1 on 1 personal training sessions, but with the support of your best friend/significant other/co-worker/neighbor. This will be your new Happy Hour.

Equipment ranges from:

The types of equipment we use the training sessions can range from, TRX, kettlebells, ropes, clubbells, free weights, ladders, power ropes, pull-up bars, medicine balls, and one’s own body weight.

Large Group Classes

My large group training programs can range from a 12 week progressive program to prepare a of group of individuals for a tough mudder race, spartan challenge, company competition, or just a group of bay area business people just looking to get in shape.  The max capacity of participants is 20.