Mary Vascellaro

I have been training now for a few years with Catherine Betts. Having worked over the years with many trainers, I find Catherine to be unique in her emphasis on the whole person. For such a young woman, she has a deep interest in nutrition as well as the workout. She keeps up to date on the latest research on health and wellness and invests time in learning and training in new methods.
Her workout routine is challenging, but she takes great care to avoid injuries and to work on speciifc body issues. She is a fun and caring person and I look forward to her sessions. She trains a wide range of age groups and I credit her immensely with keeping me feeling much younger than my 60-year old self.

Kiersten Hollars

I reached out to Catherine because I was hoping to get healthy and back in shape after I broke my foot and was in a cast and on crutches for several months. I was motivated to get healthy but had low expectations as I’ve never been big on exercising. Catherine was amazing! Her unique approach to a work out includes a combination of stretching, brain and eye drills, cardio and strength training. She not only helped me get back on my feet “literally” – she inspired me to change my diet and eating habits and work exercise back into my daily routine. Because of her, I dropped 20 pounds in three months and am on my way to running my first half marathon ever! She’s truly an inspiration and so passionate about what she does. Her amazingly friendly demeanor, honesty, positive outlook on life and her overall motivation is absolutely contagious. I feel honored and lucky to have met and worked with Catherine for as long as I have and look forward to continuing a long partnership with her.

Fabrice Vincent

I joined CBetts training following a ski accident and injury to my shoulder. After three months, my shoulder pain was cured and has never returned. What makes Catherine so special and effective as a trainer is her extraordinary knowledge of countless exercises and philosophies necessary to optimize one’s training and athletic performance. Her joyful and easygoing spirit makes each session fun and always a highlight of my week. The sessions are never the same because Catherine is always mixing in new exercises and options that make each session new and rewarding. Unlike many trainers, Catherine is also super reliable and flexible enough to always find time for me even when my schedule is difficult and/or ever changing. Catherine is the best trainer I have ever had and always fun to chat with too. My body and my mind benefitted so much from her training, guidance and true friendship. I want to be much more like Catherine because she is an awesome mentor to me for her extraordinary athleticism, professionalism, joyfulness, wisdom and creativity.

Sally Blackwood

Catherine Betts is an amazing personal trainer. She has so much compassion and is always aware of my abilities, strengths and weaknesses. She brings a high level of expertise to each workout. I always feel that she is motivating me to do my best and push past my comfort zone. She is constantly learning new things and incorporating them into my workouts. She is kind and thoughtful and I feel very lucky to have her as my coach.

Lindsay Kauffman

Being a professional coach myself, not only has Catherine helped push me to be more fit but she has also given me tools to be a more well-rounded coach in introducing me to new exercises as well as teaching me how to do them properly to avoid injury which is hugely important. She is very positive and personable which makes her torturous workouts somehow seem fun.

Michael Campitas

Catherine is a smart, focused, motivating personal trainer. If you are seeking to embrace health and wellness to achieve great results, Catherine Betts could be right for you. I am very proud of what I achieved, learned and have retained from working with Catherine.